19th International Conference on the Cell and Molecular Biology of Chlamydomonas
29 Aug-31 Dec 2021 83140 Six-Fours-les-Plages (France)

The Venue

In the 1950's, Paul Ricard, a French entrepreneur made rich by the huge success of his Pastis (THE drink of Southern France), bought two islands off the coast of Toulon to host his private residence: Bendor and les Embiez. He later converted them into exclusive leisure resorts, each with its small harbour and hotel. His family has maintained the tradition of opening this litlle treasure to the public, preserving the natural beauty of these unique natural sites.

The larger of the two islands, Les Embiez, will host our Chlamydomonas meeting. Accessible by boat from the little harbour of Le Brusc after a 10 min boat ride, it is a place to relax, share and enjoy nature. In addition to comfortable accomodation and superb dining (vegeterian diets accomodated), Hotel Helios, named after the Greek sun god, offers all amenities for a high class scientific meeting. The lecture hall, Sainte Marthe, comfortably sits 400, while a large room (Mistral, named after a famous Provence poet) will host the poster sessions.

Don't be afraid to feel trapped on the island: it is a beatiful place in itself, worth even extending your stay before or after the congress. The rocky shore hides many small sand beaches, and between sessions you can stroll around the island and through the vineyards, ride on the small train, or simply lie on the beach. For the sports afficionados, tennis, scuba diving, boat renting, kayaking are available on the island, or you may just enjoy a game of pétanque with your friends. Pay a visit to the oceanographic center, or to the art gallery or museums of Wines and Spirits or Advertising. Sip a glass of the local wine at the winery or in the numerous bars around the island. Relax at the Spa (free for congress participants). If you feel like it, you may also, of course, work. Free Wifi is available in the hotel and the meeting rooms.

Please visit the website of the venue and the picture gallery in the left menu

And talking about menu, maybe you want to take a look at what renouned Chef Christophe Pacheco has planned to put on our table : Les_Menus.pdf

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