19th International Conference on the Cell and Molecular Biology of Chlamydomonas
29 Aug-31 Dec 2021 83140 Six-Fours-les-Plages (France)

Provisional program

Preliminary program, susceptible to change

NB: the time reserved for questions is 3 min for regular talks, 5 for invited talks and 10 for special/keynote lectures.


Sunday August 29, 2021 

13:45                  registration starts

18:30-19:15       welcome drinks

19:15-20:30        seated dinner at Hotel Helios

20:40-20:50        Welcome address: Olivier Vallon and the organization committee

20:50-21:40       Keynote lecture: Steve King "Peptide amidation, ciliogenesis and cilia-based peptidergic signaling"


Monday August 30 

7:30-9:30             breakfast at Hotel Helios

9:00-12:30           session 1a: Photosynthesis

9:00-9:15             chairperson introduction: Xenie Johnson

9:15-9:35             Invited speaker: Alistair McCormick "New horizons for building a pyrenoid-based CO2-concentrating mechanism into plants"

09:35-09:50       Théo LeMoigne: "Supramolecular assemblies of the Calvin-Benson cycle enzymes"

09:50-10:05       Gilles Peltier: "Alternative electron pathways of photosynthesis cooperate to drive the algal CO2 concentrating mechanism"

10:05-10:20       Laura Mosebach: "High resolution structure of a dimeric PSI-LHCI isolated from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii"

10:20-10:35        Benjamin Bailleul: "Evaluating the importance of cyclic electron flow around PSI in Chlamydomonas and other microalgae"


10:35-11:00        coffee break                                             

11:00-11:15        Wojciech Nawrocki: "The rise and fall of the photoinhibition-related energy dissipation qI"

11:15-11:30        Elena Monte: "SPA1-mediated photoprotection in Chlamydomonas"

11:30-11:45        Dimitris Petroutsos: "Photoprotection is regulated by light-independent CO2 availability"

11:45-12:00        Petra Redekop: "Transcriptional regulation of photoprotection in the dark-to-light transition - more than just a matter of excess light energy"


12:30-14:00        seated lunch at Hotel Helios


14:00-16:00        poster session I

16:15-18:45        session 2: Systems and synthetic biology and emerging topics

16:15-16:30        chairperson introduction: Stéphane Lemaire

16:30-16:50        Invited speaker: Martin Jonikas : "The chloroplast spatial proteome"

16:50-17:05        Henry Taunt : "Synthetic Toolkit for Engineering Plastids (STEP): a novel Golden Gate platform for rapid transformation of algal plastomes"   

17:05-17h20       Attila Molnar: "Dissecting the mechanistic and genetic basis of single-stranded DNA-mediated precision gene editing in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii"   

17:20-17h35       Zhou Xu: "Telomeres and subtelomeres in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii"     

17:35-17h50       Marc Hanikenne: "A MAGIC design to examine natural variation in photosynthesis and nutrition in Chlamydomonas."     

17:50-18h05       Erin Mattoon: "Systems-wide Shared and Unique Responses to Moderate and Acute Heat Stresses in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii"     

18:05-18h20       Valle Ojeda: "Discovery of proteome-wide thiol-dependent metabolic regulation in the Chlamydomonas diurnal cycle using a chemoproteomic approach"     

18:20-18h35      Alexander Metcalf: "Data Driven Advanced Metabolic Modeling of Diurnal Growth in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii"     

19:45-20:15        seated dinner at Hotel Helios

20:30-22:00        EMBO Science Policy lecture: with Susan Dutcher, Arthur Grossman, Novella Guidi, Franck Vazquez and a panel of community members: "Publishing practices : evolution or revolution ?"


Tuesday August 31

7:30-9:30             breakfast at Hotel Helios

9:00-10:35           session 3 Cilia and basal body structure and function

9:00-9:15             chairperson introduction: Lea Alford

9:15-9:35             Invited speaker: Khanh Huy Bui : "The atomic structure of the inner junction of Chlamydomonas cilia"

09:35-09:50       Susan Dutcher: "Functional analysis of microtubule inner proteins (MIPs)"

09:50-10:05       Takako Kato-Minoura: "Efficient Isolation of Chlamydomonas Tubulin Mutants using Strains that have Single Alpha- and Beta-Tubulin Genes"

10:05-10:20        Karina Perlaza: "Late stages of flagellar assembly require the TOG-domain microtubule polymerizer, Crescerin/SHF1"

10:20-10:35        Lara Hoepfner: "Altered N-glycan composition impacts flagella mediated adhesion in C. reinhardtii"


10:35-11:00        coffee break

11:00-11:30        session 1b: Photosynthesis  chair: Xenie Johnson         

11:00-11:15      Jean Alric: "Error-Prone PCR of Chloroplast PetD gene cracks the code for state transitions"

11:15-11:30       Martin Jonikas: "Uncovering the photosynthetic regulatory network using a genetic screen coupled with high-throughput proteomics"

11:30-12:20          EMBO Young Investigator lecture: Ben Engel : "A guided tour of Chlamydomonas"     

12:30-14:00        seated lunch at Hotel Helios


14:00-16:00        poster session II

16:15-18:45        session 4: Metabolism and responses to the environment

16:15-16:30        chairperson introduction: Anja Hemschemeier

16:30-16:50        Invited speaker: Jose Luis Crespo "Control of TOR signaling by phosphorous and carbon in Chlamydomonas"

16:50-17:05        Lisa Desiree Westrich: "Fast and global reorganization of the chloroplast protein biogenesis network during heat acclimation"

17:05-17:20        Adrien Burlacot: "Algal photosynthesis converts nitric oxide into nitrous oxide"

17:20-17:35        Claire Remacle: "Integration of the iron-sulfur transfer protein NFU1 of the microalga C. reinhardtii in chloroplast metabolism in the light, in the dark and in anaerobiosis"

17:35-17:50        Pawel Brzezowski:  "TREHALOSE 6-PHOSPHATE PHOSPHATASE links protoporphyrin IX-generated and singlet oxygen-triggered chloroplast retrograde signalling to metabolic signaling"

17:50-18:05        Yizhong Yuan: "Phototropin controls carbon partitioning in the green microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii"

18:05-18:20        Helen Liu: "The Chlamydomonas Fe-ome"

18:20-18:35        Szilvia Z. Tóth: "Ascorbate biosynthesis and the roles of ascorbate in photosynthesis in vascular plants and green algae"

19:00-20:30        seated dinner at Hotel Helios

20:45-22:05        session 5a: Novel methodologies

20:45-21:00        chairperson introduction: Attila Molnar

21:00-21:20        Invited speaker: Ralph Bock: “Efficient transgene expression in Chlamydomonas: tools, tips and challenges”

21:20-21:35       Don Weeks: "A co-targeting strategy for precise, scarless, gene editing with CRISPR/Cas9 and donor ssODNs in Chlamydomonas"

21:35-21:50       Luke Mackinder: "A recombineering pipeline to clone large and complex genes in Chlamydomonas"

21:50-22:05       Thomas Baier: "Intron-mediated enhancement of nuclear transgene expression in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii"


Wednesday September 1rst

7:30-9:30             breakfast at Hotel Helios

9:00-12:30           session 6: Organelle biogenesis

9:00-9:15             chairperson introduction: Yves Choquet

9:15-9:35             Invited speaker: Michael Schroda "Complexome profiling on the Chlamydomonas psb28 and lpa2 mutants reveals novel PSII-associated proteins"

09:35-09:50        Aguila Ruiz-Sola: "Yellow-in-the-dark mutants: a novel system to study chloroplast biogenesis and retrograde signalling in Chlamydomonas"

09:50-10:05        Bill Zerges: "Translation by cytoplasmic and chloroplast ribosomes is localized to opposing sides of a domain of the chloroplast envelope for the biogenesis of photosynthesis complexes"

10:05-10:20        Felix Willmund: "The interactome of Cp ribosomes "

10:20-10:35        Sven Klumpe: "Structural basis for VIPP1 oligomerization and maintenance of thylakoid membrane integrity"

10:35-11:00        coffee break                                             

11:00-11:15        Fabian Ries: "Proteomics of the chloroplast CPN60 interactome gives insights into the chaperonins function in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii"

11:15-11:30        Oliver Caspari: "Retracing the evolution from antimicrobial to targeting peptides"

11:30-11:45        Laurence Drouard: "Singular features of Chlamydomonas mitochondrial gene expression: an overview"

11:45-12:00        Florent Waltz: "The Chlamydomonas mitochondrial ribosome: how to build a ribosome from RNA fragments"

12:150-14:15        Group photo and seated lunch at Hotel Helios

14:00-18:00        free afternoon, sports and social activities on the island

18:00-18:20        Announcements: Olivier Vallon: "The v6 genomes"; Pete Lefebvre: "The Chlamydomonas Resource center"

18:20-19:00        Special lecture: Carolyn Silflow: "Swimming Free:Using Motility to Identify
Mutations in New Genes Controlling Gene Expression in Different Pathways"

19:00-19:40        Special lecture: Alexey Amunts: "Structural studies of bioenergetic membranes and their translation apparatus"

20:00-22:00        cocktail and seated dinner


Thursday September 2nd

7:30-9:30             breakfast at Hotel Helios

9:00-10:35           session 7: Cilia and basal body assembly

9:00-9:15             chairperson introduction: Gaia Pigino

9:15-9:35             Invited speaker: Paul Guichard on Centriole assembly

09:35-09:50        Akira Noga: "Bld10p determines the centriole structure independently of the cartwheel"

09:50-10:05        Karl Lechtreck: "Chlamydomonas ARMC2/PF27 is an obligate adapter for IFT of radial spokes"

10:05-10:20        Adrian Nievergelt: "Intraflagellar transport trains can turn around without the ciliary tip complex"

10:20-10:35        Aditya Chhatre: "In vitro reactivation of intraflagellar transport trains"

10:35-11:00        coffee break

11:00-12:00        session 5b: Novel methodologies, chair Attila Molnar          

11:00-11:15         Mayra Sauer: "Identification and analysis of a Y1H-based regulatory network of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and its crosslinks in the regulation of metabolic processes"

11:15-11:30        Alexander Hammel: "High-level foreign protein expression in microalgae: Comparison of the green alga Chlamydomonas and the red alga Porphyridium"

11:30-11:45        Justus Niemeyer: "Real-time monitoring of subcellular H2O2 and calcium distribution in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii"

11:45-12:00        Cristina Martins Rodrigues: "DataPLANT - Provider of Tools and Services to structure the Data Jungle for Fundamental Plant Researchers"

12:30-14:00        seated lunch at Hotel Helios


14:00-15:45        poster session III

15:45-16:00        take down your poster.

16:15-18:45        session  8: Cell and sexual cycles, multicellularity

16:15-16:30        chairperson introduction: Ursula Goodenough

16:30-16:50        Invited speaker: Bill Snell on Gametogenesis and mating

16:50-17:05        Jennifer Pinello: "MAR1 links membrane adhesion to membrane merger during cell-cell fusion in Chlamydomonas"

17:05-17:20       Yang-Tsung Lin: "DNA Replication and Mitotic Genes are Incorrectly Activated in Synchronized Chlamydomonas cht7 Cells"

17:20-17h35      Félix de Carpentier: "How Chlamydomonas reinhardtii socialize to better adapt to environmental stresses"

17h35-17:50       Giulia Cheloni: "Palmelloid lifestyle in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii: stress response pathways and mechanisms of colony formation"

17:50-18:05       Aurora Nedelcu: "The role of stress during the evolution of multicellularity in Chlamydomonas

18:05-18:40        poster awards and presentation of the next Chlamydomonas meeting by….

19:00-20:30        seated dinner at Hotel Helios

21:30-01:00         !! Dance party !!


Friday September 3rd                  

6:30-9:30             breakfast at Hotel Helios and departure

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