19th International Conference on the Cell and Molecular Biology of Chlamydomonas
29 Aug-31 Dec 2021 83140 Six-Fours-les-Plages (France)

How to register and pay


UPDATE : We are opening registration for online attendance. Chlamy 2020+1 will be held as a hybrid meeting, using the Whova platform (https://whova.com/portal/webapp/chlam_202109). Online attendees will be able to participate in the live sessions via Zoom and to watch the recorded videos. We encourage online attendees to present an "Online poster" on Whova: in the "Posters" section of the app, they can upload a pdf, a recorded video, a scientific profile and other materials. The Whova website will remain accessible for 6 months after the meeting.

The Whova app of course is also available on your smartphone: click on the Download button on our home page. Whova has many cool ways of promoting interactions between attendees, see https://whova.com/portal/webapp/chlam_202109/WhovaGuides/

To register, go to >REGISTRATION on THIS WEBSITE. In the registration categories, select the last one: "Online only". The cost is 150 €, payable exclusively by credit card. Shorthey after your payment has been received, you will receive a notification that you can loggin on the Whova website. If you wish to present an "online poster", write back to to Matthieu Mustas <mustas@ibpc.fr>, we will set up a poster space for you on Whova where you can upload a pdf and a short video of your presentation. You can visit poster #0 for instructions on how to prepare your poster and video.

If you are pre-registered but cannot join, and wish to change your status to online only, send us an Email, we will change your registration category, after which you should proceed to payment. In all cases, no need to upload an abstract, you will do that on the Whoa app.

If you are already registered for on-site attendance, you already have access to the Whova app, at no extra charge. We already set up a poster space for you (incl for plenary speakers), so you can create your profile, deposit a poster and a video etc. We encourage you to use the app throughout the meeting to interact with both on-site and online attendees.


UPDATE : In contrast to what we wrote, you cannot update your registration details yourself once you have chosen a mode of payment. We apologize for the inconvenience. To modify your details (rooming, mode of payment, travel details etc..), please write directly to Sandrine Bujaldon <bujaldon@ibpc.fr>.


Registration and preregistration are now open. Payment can be done by bank transfer (all participants), purchase order (grouped payments, for French labs only) or credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD, not American Express, 3D-Secure payment though Verifone Paybox). These choices will be displayed after registration when you reach the payment section.

Registration is of the "all-included" type: lodging, all meals including gala dinner, dance party, a few drink coupons, access to the spa during the day, boat trip to and from the island. Other activities on the island (tennis, boat rentals etc) can be booked for a fee. Indicate any special dietary needs or disabilities on the registration form. Single and double occupancy are possible either in the standard hotel rooms or in small appartments grouping 1-3 rooms (each with private bath) around a shared living area. In case you already chose your roommate, please indicate upon registration whether you need twin or double bed.

Fees will be calculated based on occupancy (double or single) and status: regular, reduced (students and post-docs <4 years after PhD) or subsidized. The subsidized rate will be offered (on a double occupancy basis) only to students and post-docs fulfilling specific criteria: you must either be working on photosynthesis and related topics (subsidized by the International Society for Photosynthesis Research), or be a German national working in Germany or abroad (subsidized by the Deutsche Botanische Gesellshaft), or come from a lab with limited resources. (Update: application for subsidized rate is now closed). If you think you are eligible and wish to apply, please deposit your abstract and pre-register. Then apply by E-mail to ovallon@ibpc.fr, with the subject "Application subsidized rate Chlamy2020", and indicating in the text in which category you apply. Please, no more than one application per lab. DO NOT pay before being notified of the outcome of your application, wait until you receive an answer from us. Due to limited funds, a selection may have to be done. You will be notified before the deadline for early bird registration, so you can still register under the reduced rate in case your application is rejected.

RATES, valid until Aug 28, 2021. While we recommend that you attend the whole meeting, we offer the possibility to register only for partial duration (1, 2, 3 or 4 days). 

  Category  Amount TTC
Until " Single, Hotel Helios " EUR  
" Double, Hotel Helios " EUR
" Accompanying person (double) " EUR
" Double, appartment " EUR
" Reduced rate, double, appartment " EUR
" Subsidized rate, double, appartment " EUR
" Single, Hotel Helios, 1 day " EUR
" Single, Hotel Helios, 2 days " EUR
" Single, Hotel Helios, 3 days " EUR
" Single, Hotel Helios, 4 days " EUR
" Single, appartment " EUR
" Accompanying person, double, 4 days " EUR
" Accompanying person, 3 days, + kids and prestay " EUR
" Accompanying person, double, 2 days " EUR
" Online only " EUR


If you need an invoice, please write to chlamy2020@sciencesconf.org with all necessary details.

- If you choose to pay online by credit card, please use Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer, not Safari. You will be led (on a Mac, after a security warning you can ignore) to the page chlamy2020.sciencesconf.org/payment/index, showing:

After clicking 'Payer", you reach chlamy2020.sciencesconf.org/paybox (possibly with a warning)

Click "Continuer" and you reach tpeweb.paybox.com/cgi/pagepaiement.cgi with the final Credit Card payment form :


- If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, make sure you indicate the names of the registrants in the transfer info :

Recipient Name: Societe Francaise de Photosynthese
Address: c/o Anja Krieger-Lyszkay, Bat 532, CEA Section Bioenergetique
City: Gif-sur-Yvette    Zipcode: 91191    Country: France

Payment Bank Name: BNPPARB Gif Saclay
IBAN / Account Number: FR76 3000 4017 8800 0049 5737 227

Below is a slip you can use for your records:


- Purchase order, French labs only: the Société Française de Photosynthèse is in the CNRS database. You can enter it in any other database using our SIRET number : 53814322300013. Please contact us to establish the "bon de commande".

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