19th International Conference on the Cell and Molecular Biology of Chlamydomonas
29 Aug-3 Sep 2021 83140 Six-Fours-les-Plages (France)


It is not easy these days to commit to a meeting three months ahead of time. Who knows what the Covid situation will be, right ? We understand that, and we have decided to make our refund policy even more lenient. Now, cancellations received before June 30 will trigger a full refund. This should allow the optimist in you to prevail. Even better, if you catch Covid and you can't come to the meeting, you will get a full refund. See our Terms and Conditions page for details (https://chlamy2020.sciencesconf.org/resource/page/id/2). Take advantage of the early bird rates, register now !
We know that you are all worried about the Covid situation. Today, all sorts of travel restrictions are still enforced by most countries: it is even likely that your employer does not currently let you plan a trip to France. But regulations are chaning fast. A European sanitary pass will be effective July 1rst, allowing all vaccinated to travel to Europe. In France, the situation is steadily improving : the third wave is receeding and sanitary restrictions are being progressively eased. As in most developped countries, vaccination is progressing fast in France, with 23 M having received at least their first dose and vaccination now open to all adults. The government plans to vaccinate fast enough to reach collective immunity during the summer, i.e. before our meeting starts. Of course, the variants introduce some uncertainty, but they are closely monitored. We recommend checking this regularly updated website: https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus/ for a clear world wide vision of the pandemics. In any event, you can be sure that the organizers of Chlamy 2020+1 and the staff of the venue will do everything they can to create a collaborative atmosphere without putting your health at risk. We will follow all the recommendations and take all necessary measures to create a safe and relaxed working environement. After a very frustrating year-and-a-half, we all deserve a break, don't we?
We are pleased to announce that the Chlamydomonas meeting, initially schedule in May 2020, will take place August 29- September 3, 2021. The venue and the conditions remain unchanged. Come and enjoy this exciting event, in a friendly atmosphere and a relaxing setting
Our 3D-Secure credit card payment link is now live: you can finalize your registration by paying now! Remember, you can also pay by bank transfer (see "How to register and pay"). French labs can also use a purchase order to register several participants at once. See you soo at Chlamy 2020 !
You've been awaiting it ever since the meeting was announced at the last Chlamydomonas conference... here it is. View the description of the meeting venue, the preliminary program, and more. You can register, but if you're unsure of your participation, you can also pre-register: you will be allowed to submit an abstract which may be selected for inclusion as a selected talk. But don't miss the early bird registration (March 1, 2020) !
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